Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Baaaaack... for now

Hey, hey wargamers!  I'm back!

Well, actually I've been back for about a week and a half but I'm back in the hobby.  I have a lot of exciting news this week and some great updates to share.

First, vacation was great!  I logged almost 4000 miles on the Harley over two weeks and got to spend some quality time with my daughter who graduated from high school while we were there.  I also got to go to Wargamescon and meet some great people from the community.  It looked like a great event but since I was just travelling around and didn't have time I just wandered around and got to talk to some cool people and see some amazing models.  All in all, very cool.

Secondly, my uber hawt wife and I have decided that we are calling it quits over here.  I've spent every morning for the last week packing and mailing boxes home.  We are planning to be back in the states again around the first of August.  This means I can probably make it to Duelcon this year (yay!) and actually play (double yay!).

The third thing is a bit of a downer for me but it's also positive overall.  It looks like the game store is in an indefinite holding pattern.  I was convinced that I needed to help my brother take care of the family's business.  My brother is 62 and his health isn't too great so he needs help and I'm the last member of the family that can take over.  The money is potentially very good and this is my future inheritance so I better take care of it.

On to the hobby.

I have shelved the World Eaters for now and will get back to them when I am back in the states and have access to everything I need to make them work for me.

I decided to start painting my Dropzone Commander Shaltari models this week.  I started priming them white but then realized that white primer on white resin/plastic doesn't show up.  Instead of setting up the airbrush I busted out my green Army Painter spray primer that I smuggled a few years ago.  Once they were primed green I airbrushed them yellow using Minitaire Irradiated Yellow.  I should be done with base coating by Monday.

Next up I took a small commission right before I left and had to buy the model while I was home.  This week I assembled it and magnetized it and got it all ready for paint.  I give you, the Tau Riptide!

Last but most certainly not least, while I was home GW released what is, in my opinion, the sexiest plastic model kit they have ever produced.  I had to have one just to paint and happily dropped the $115 for it.  I got the Eldar Wraith Knight assembled and magnetized over the last two nights and am really happy with it.  I hope to get it done before I leave.

As you can see, between getting everything boxed up and ready to leave the desert and my hobby projects... I'm a busy Syko.

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