Saturday, February 16, 2013

Product Review: Burn In Designs - Laser Engraved Terrain

A few weeks ago I received an order from Burn In Designs and quickly got to work popping all the pices out and getting it all assembled.

The products I got from him are:
Laser Defense Walls (both 3" and 6")
Storage Container
Block House Bunker
TMAWH Habitat Unit

Having worked with CNC Workshop's Miniature Scenery in the past I was a little nervous about ordering more wood terrain.  I'll tell you, this is a vastly superior product to theirs (not that the Aussies put out a bad product in any way, this is just better).

I'll go over each briefly.

The Laser Defense Walls are pretty cool and a great value.  for $20 you get either six 3" walls or four 6" walls.  I got both sets and was very pleased with how quickly and easily they went together and  how dynamic they look on the board, even without paint.  They come complete with the orange acrylic walls which really add to their appearance.

Next up we have the Storage Container which goes for $15 each or three for $40.  This one, while being very cool looking was kind of a paint to assemble due to my distinct lack of a power sander.  The top angled panel on each side requires some serious work to get a good bevel that will allow for assembly.  As a result I've only put together the one for now and it took me over two hours of hand sanding and cutting with a razor knife to get the needed angle to make it go together.  Other than that small criticism, it's a very cool looking piece and can be assembled with the doors open or closed (optional doors come with the kit).

The Block House Bunker was a dream to assemble and went together very well.  The only issue I had with this product was the sheets of birch plywood that make up the parts was not cut completely through on about the last 1.5", requiring me to use a knife to cut the pieces out.  Even though I took my time on it, not every piece came through it complete.  One thing I would advise the company on is maybe suggesting to customers to use a few of the doors from other kits to make entrances to the bunker as without them there is no defined way in or out.  These sell for $18 each or three for $45.

Last is the TMAWH Habitat Unit.  This thing is a monster of a kit and there are so many extra parts and no directions, I admit I got a little lost in how to build it and am sure I missed something because there is a ton of left over pieces.  The full kit includes three Apartment Modules which can be assembled with several door options, including open, closed and I'm sure if you really wanted to, magnetized.  The Apartments go for $12 each or three for $30 and can be used separately or with the Stacking Module.  The Stacking Module is $40 and hold three to four Apartment Modules.  This thing is BUGE and takes a lot of thinking to build but is very cool looking when it's done.

These products are perfect for any science fiction or near future 28mm game, especially something like Infinity but they work just as well for 40K.  If I had any suggestions to Lathan, the owner and designer it would be to come up with a set of assembly instructions for each piece.  He has a set of videos on youtube that show works in progress and a few about assembly but it would help to have something a little more detailed.  I know Burn In Designs is a new company and creating a good assembly instruction sheet is quite a bit of work but I think it would help in the long run.  Also a little extra quality assurance would help and would keep from having kits that aren't cut for the full length of the sheet.

He didn't even blink an eye when he saw the size of my order and that it was going to The 'Stan and $12 for shipping and handling was amazingly reasonable.

All in all, I'm very happy with the products and intend to get his Rock Ridge set for both Malifaux and WWX (when it comes out).  I also plan on getting several of his paint trays to store my paints when I finally have a place to do so.

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  1. Thanks for the review this is really in depth and I've being looking at their wares for a while.


    P.S. CNC Workshop's Miniature Scenery have moved from their old CNC Router to Lazer Cut terrain now as well so not sure if the previous issues are still there. I know what you mean though. ;)