Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

Last week I coordinated a night that we could all get together and bring a paint project, watch a painting dvd and chat about techniques.  We held it in the office of one of the members that is usually empty after 1900.  He shares this office with several soldiers and tonight as we were meeting up to paint, we found a couple of soldiers watching a movie.  I have a feeling this is going to happen quite often and so it's time to start looking for another location for paint night.

We've run through similar situations to this in the past.  We started playing in the MWR common area almost four years ago and after a yelling match between one of our members and a domino slamming soldier, we starting looking for another place.  We soon moved into what had once been the Pizza Hut, a 10'x30' room that we could lock up our stuff in and do pretty much what we wanted to.  It was one of the best times we've had and with the exception of the loud music going on nightly on the other side of the wall from us (the room was next to the MWR common area and every night there is some sort of musical function; Salsa Night, Country Night, Hip Hop Night, etc.).

We used this room for several months until we got told, at 1130 one morning that we had to be out by the end of the day.  We scrambled getting everything out and into storage while another member got us a new location, about half a b-hut next to the movie room.  Again, it could be locked and we could store our stuff there and it was great.  I didn't even really mind listening to people having sex in the movie room next door.

We were in the half b-hut (about 18'x10') for almost a year but again were told it was time to move.  Again, everything went into storage until we could find somewhere new.  I started shipping some of the terrain and stuff I had accumulated but thanks to the help of the MWR NCO, we found another spot after a few months.  Again, we were next to the movie room, which had been moved to another b-hut.  This time we had about 18'x10' but had to share it as it was designated to be a conference room.  I managed to get permission to keep a few foot lockers there and a wall locker to hold various supplies.  The fun part of this room was the lights were on the same circuit as the other half of the b-hut so when the guys in the movie room turned the lights off to get cozy with their lady (or male as the case may be) friend, we went into night fight mode.  Ok, not really, we would have to go ask that the lights stay on to which they usually agreed.

After a few months we lost this location as well and have finally opted to stay up at the MWR common area, which we have to share with lots of people playing pool and table tennis and sleeping and slamming down dominoes... and we have to be cleared out before 1930 so the DJ's can get set up for their nightly music.

So, with all that history you can understand why I'm not too stressed out about having to find another location to get together to paint.  it's just par for the course; part of being a Wargamer in a War Zone.

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