Monday, February 11, 2013

What Keeps Me Going in the Hobby?

It has to be said that it can be hard to stay interested in the hobby being as isolated as I am.  Most of you can go to your FLGS to chat with fellow gamers but I don't have that option over here.  I run the gaming group here on our little base and have introduced many people to the miniature wargaming hobby.  I paint, I teach, I build and set up terrain and even when we have a lull in our numbers and it's just me and my stalwart companion, Ray I have to stay motivated.

How do I do it?  How do I keep those creative juices flowing without burning out?


No really.  I'm serious.  Stop laughing at me!

I listen to an average of 20 hours of podcast programming every week.  I also listen to a lot of audio books thanks to Audible and Black Library.  Not everything I listen to is hobby related but the vast majority of it is.

So here I will give a rundown of all the shows I listen to.

Beasts of War:  (Clean) This is a video podcast related to gaming that updates almost every day.  Sometimes it's a little annoying but generally it contains good information. 

The D6 Generation: (Clean) These guys have been around forever and cover all types of gaming.  Their topics are usually very well thought out and even if it's something I have no interest in, I am usually excited about it by the end of the show.  Be warned... these shows are usually 4 hours long.

Deepstrike Radio
(Clean) This was one of my favorites because it's a lore-centric podcast that is a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, hosts have changed and I'm having trouble getting into the new ones.  I would
advise checking it out anyway.

El Pee and the Man
(Explicit) I don't know why I love this show.  They rarely get into a subject of gaming or anything hobby related but when they do it's really good.  I think my main reason for listening to them is their taste in music.

Heroic 28's
(Clean) These guys are a pretty good tournament centered podcast

Independent Characters
(Clean) One of my favorites.  Good talk of all things 40K.

Noobhammer Podcast
(Explicit) As the name implies, it's centered on new players getting into the game.  A little vulgar sometimes but for the most part, it's enjoyable.

Overlords Podcast:  
(Clean) Great show from England that centers on gaming from a beer and pretzels perspective.  No beat face lists here.

Screaming Heretic Podcast
(Explicit) I really like this show.  Good content and talk of 40K as well as hobby ideas from some great artists.

Second Founding
(Clean) I just started listening to this one and find it enjoyable.  Episodes 19 and 20 have a great round table discussion with some former GW Outriders and their take on where the company has made mistakes through the years.

Signals from the Frontline
(Explicit) Frontline Gaming's podcast that covers news, rumors and tournament talk.

Turn 8 Podcast:  
(Clean) A good show that is worth listening to for their battle report if nothing else.

World's End Radio:  
(Clean) These Aussie lads talk about all aspects of miniature wargaming covering fantasy, 40K, Bloodbowl, Malifaux, Warmachine and more.  Always a good listen

11th Company
(Clean) I ask myself every week why I still listen to this show.  They are complete beat face gamers who's only idea of fun is grinding their opponent into the table.  If you want to learn how to build the nastiest list and beat everyone you meet... these are your guys.  It's worth listening to them though just to get tactics.

40K Radio:  (Explicit) The granddaddy of 40K podcasts and home of The Freeboota forum, this show has had it's ups and downs but seems to be on a major upswing right now.  Definitely worth listening to.

So there you have it.  That is by no means the full extent of gaming podcasts out there but these are the main ones I listen to and enjoy.  Give them all a shot if you are looking for something to listen to on a commute or a long day at work or if you are starting to get burned out.  Sometimes listening to someone else being excited about the hobby can get you excited too.

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