Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Game with Zombie Horde

Today I got in my first actual game with my finalized 2000 point Chaos Space Marine Plague Zombie army.  I gotta say it was a super fun game and the army worked almost exactly as expected.  I was playing against a Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army.

My list was:

HQ - Huron Blackheart (Warlord)
HQ - Typhus
Troop - 11 Plague Marines (2x Plasma Gun. Champion w/ Power Sword)
Troop - 35 Plague Zombies
Troop - 35 Plague Zombies
Troop - 35 Plague Zombies
Troop - 35 Plague Zombies
Fast - 5 Chaos Spawn (Mark of Nurgle)
Fast - 5 Chaos Spawn (Mark of Nurgle)
Heavy - 3 Obliterators (Mark of Nurgle)
Fortification - Aegis Defense Line (Icarus Lascannon)

My opponent had (estimated):

HQ - Abaddon
Elite - 5 Chaos Terminator (can't remember load out other than Mark of Tzeentch)
Troop - 10 Chaos Space Marines (Mark of Nurgle, Rhino)
Troop - 10 Chaos Space Marines (Mark of Nurgle, Rhino)
Troop - 10 Chaos Space Marines (Mark of Nurgle, Rhino)
Troop - 10+ Chaos Cultists (Mark of Nurgle)
Fast - Heldrake (Baleflamer)
Heavy - 5 Havocs (lascannon, missile launcher, heavy bolter, auto cannon)
Heavy - Vindicator

The mission was Crusader with 4 objectives and deployment was Vanguard Strike.  My opponent won the roll to go first and elected to set up first.  I set up second was only able to infiltrate one unit so I chose zombies (Troop E) as I was trying to load the board with enough bodies to give his Heldrake trouble finding somewhere to go.

The game went very well in my favor as I used the Spawn to lure in Abaddon and the Terminators then moved them away and assaulted with two units of Zombies.  Over the next 5 turns the Zombies would hold that unit and manage to kill everyone except Abaddon while he failed to do enough damage to get rid of them and only managed to finish off one squad by the end of the game.  I think there were still about 20 Zombies out of the 70 that assaulted him in turn 2.

The Spawn worked well.  They didn't managed to kill a lot but they both kept units of Chaos Marines tied up for several turns, one of them long enough for me to get a Zombie unit in base with them, kill them and take the objective.

In turn 5 I made a huge mistake that would have cost me the game had it ended there... I pulled my Plague Marines off the objective to take rapid fire bolter and plasma gun shots at the Heldrake's rear armor, which failed miserably.  Luckily the game continued and I move back onto the objective.

At the end of turn 7, I had a total of 11 VPs (3 objectives, First Blood and Linebreaker) to his 0 VPs.

We both agree that this was a great game and he wants a rematch in the near future.

A Zombie eye view.
I'm pretty sure that what's going through the Cultist's minds is "What is that smell?"
Abaddon and the Terminators preparing to fall for the old "Bait and Switch".

Looks like Saturday the Plague Horde will face Dark Angels.  Not sure how they will do against tons of rapid firing plasma and bikes with Hit and Run but we'll see.

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