Saturday, February 9, 2013

Full House

Today at our little gaming club in beautiful Kabul Afghanistan we had an amazing turn out.  For the first time in months we got to run not one, not two but three tables of 40K at the same time and had a total of eight people show up.

On the first table we had a Canadian soldier playing Chaos Space Marines squared off against an American soldier playing Crimson Fists.  They were playing The Relic and Chaos was able to smash the Emperor's Warriors with very few casualties to themselves.  In retrospect, the Canadian, it being his first time to play with us asked up his list was too hardcore for us.  I think he may tone it down a bit next week

Here are a few shots of game in progress:

On the second table there was Dark Angels being played by another American soldier going head to head with Ray's Space Wolves.  I believe they played The Emperor's Might and it ended up being fairly close but The Lion defeated The Wolf in the end.

Finally on table three we had the first game for a new player using Blood Angels against me with Dark Eldar.  We played The Scourge and unfortunately, there were 3vp and 4vp objectives in my deployment zone.  The whole purpose of the game was to teach him and another interested new person the mechanics of the game and many of the rules.  Humorously, with two assault heavy armies there was almost not close combat.

Once the game got going I didn't stop to take pictures so here are the ones I got of the terrain before deployment.

Afterward many of the group stayed to help my uber hawt wife get the area set up for her 31st birthday party.  While the party was going on, one of the soldiers and I played two games of Dreadball.  The first game was won by my opponent as his Forge Father team crushed my Human team into paste.  The second game was a bloody affair as his Orx killed all but two of my Veermyn.  Regardless the game went into sudden death with the score at zero after 14 rushes.  On the third rush of sudden death one of my last remaining strikers managed to score to give us the win.  He promptly went to eight funerals for his teammates.

All in all it was a great day.

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