Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Not a Power Gamer... Am I?

This past Saturday we had a great impromptu three way game due to a few people not showing up.  During the game one of our newer members, who is a self styled Power Gamer commented that I too am a Power Gamer.

Now, I was totally taken back by this as I have always considered myself a tactically minded Fluff Gamer.  I play fairly hard lists but they are always themed and I would never dream of playing Grey Knights, Daemons (now), Long Fang spam or the Necron Flyer list.  I'm very much an assault style player and it does hurt my list builds as I rarely have lots of shooting.

I started out in 3rd edition as a Khorne Berzerker player and I carried that through into 5th edition, only selling it off at the start of 6th ed because it didn't feel like an even remotely viable army.  I never took Kharn in the precious editions because I felt he was too much of a beatstick character.  I always ran my units as 8 man because it fit the fluff.

With 6th edition I created a Nurgle Zombie list and this is what I was being called a Power Gamer for.  I really can't see how it is any worse than any other horde style army.  True, I have 140 Plague Zombies in the list but they have their drawbacks.  I ran a Heldrake in the list only because I had just received him from the Freebootaz Toys for Tots auction and he is all done up with LEDs and looks really cool.  I don't think he even got in a single kill.

No, I don't think of myself as a Power Gamer.  If I really wanted to be, I have to money to build any army I could possible want and have the models to run one copy of every net list out there.  That's just not the way I like to play.  As I pointed out to the new member, I've never taken Mephiston in my Blood Angels (I do run both Asteroth and Sanguinor at 2000 points though) but that army will die horribly to any "Torrent of Fire" army.

I don't know.  I hope I'm not a Power Gamer... that just might break my heart.


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