Friday, February 22, 2013

If You Don't Like The Game, Don't Play!

As I've said, I listen to a ton of podcasts related to 40K and wargaming in general.  I also read a lot of blogs.  One thing that consistently bugs me is, if you hate the game so much, why do you write/speak about it all the time?

Several podcasts and blogs spend a lot of time going on about how this unit is terrible and that army is bad and "why would you play anything other than the current beatface army?".  If you are trying to get people interested in the game, show the game some love.  Regardless of which system you are into, no one will want to play with you if all you do is badmouth it.

I have a lot of turn around over here.  Over the last four years I've had over 30 people in our little group, many of them either new players or new to 40K.  My job, as the head of the group is to get them interested. Even if I'm having a bad game I can't let it show that I'm screaming inside.  When you are teaching people how to play, let them pick the army and then try to teach them how to play with it.  Amazingly, over the years we've had three good Tau players (and now two more that are interested in them), one of which left us undefeated... in 5th edition!  Of course, our meta is totally different from every other area and I know that no matter how good a player I am when I leave here with my current armies, I'll likely get trounced.  But that's ok!  I'm in the game to have fun and roll dice.

Seriously, if you hate the game so much, don't play it.  Find something else to spend your time and money on and then you can badmouth that game.  I for one am sick of all the negativity.

Maybe I should start a podcast called "I Love Games!" and only say positive things about the systems out there.

I'm not saying that I am always happy with the choices that are made by the companies but I am saying that the negativity is ridiculous.

Stop the insanity!

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