Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Feel Like I Got Ripped Off a Little...

Two weeks ago I placed an order on the Black Library web site.  I got a number of ebooks and audio dramas and spent a total of about $100.

The thing that kind of annoyed me was the Advent Calendar 2012 E-Bundle which is advertised as a "collection of twenty-one short stories and three short audio dramas".  Now, when I think of short stories I think of  something that would be a chapter or two in length and has a beginning, middle and ending.  These don't fill any of those quotas with the possible exception of being entirely in the middle of a story.  So far I've read about a dozen of the short stories and listened to all three audio books and I am disappoint.  I paid $30 for this and was thinking it was a good deal... the fact is, I paid $30 for possibly 80 pages worth of words.  I mean, really Black Library!  This is a total rip off!

I advise all my readers to be careful with what they spend their hard earned cash on when it comes to Black Library.  While I love many of their books, especially the Horus Heresy series I have to say this was a complete waste of my money.

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