Friday, March 1, 2013

Hard To Get Motivated

Well, I think I've got a little burnout going on right now.

I am almost finished with my Green Moon Smackers for Dreadball.  All that's left is to hit the models with a green wash, which is on order and should be here in a week or so then I need to seal them.

Since I'm at a standstill with that I got back into my Pre Heresy World Eaters.  I have 20 Tactical Marines that are primed and base coated.  I went through and added some Agrax Earthshade wash to the helmets and am now doing the same to the bodies.  I paint with the models mostly unassembled since I hate having to get into tight areas.  I'm going to try some new methods of weathering on these.  On the last set I used metallics to simulate chipped and worn areas but I'm not too happy with the look of it.  I think I'm going to try using grey for the weathering instead.  I'm also going to try a few weathering powders this time.

Now, on to the burnout...

Like I said, I am working on the bodies, which is upper and lower torso.  In two days I've managed to shade four of them.  I just can't seem to work at the speed I want to.

I'm also having some trouble posting here because I haven't had much to show.  I'm not a very prolific painter even though I work on stuff almost every night.  It just seems like I can't ever finish anything.

Meh... I think I might try to paint something new for fun.  I have a built Dakka Jet sitting in a box ready to go.  I might pull it out and see what I can do on it.

We are gaming in a few hours.  Time to get some sleep before the game.

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  1. Here is a comment:
    Show us what you have. A step by step, work in progress. From unboxing to basing. Show us the steps you take, however small they are still bigger than most.
    I for one would be fascinated to see a day to day progression of your WIP.