Thursday, March 14, 2013

Product Review: Badger Renegade Rage Airbrush

A few days ago I got in my Badger Renegade Rage Airbrush and let me tell you, so far I like it a lot.  For the last few years I've been using a Badger Renegade Velocity but I've found that the paint flow on it is a little hit or miss.  The Velocity has a .22mm tip and it tends to get clogged pretty easy.  The Rage has a .33mm tip and so far I've had no problems with clogging.

Upon receiving the Rage the first thing I did was put a quick connect for the air hose.  I then had to do a little modification on the foam so it would fit.  I had to do the same thing with my Velocity so I was prepared for this.

The Rage is a siphon style airbrush, which can be a pain but for things like priming and base coating it works pretty well.  It comes with the airbrush, a cup and a bottle for $115 from Amazon.

As I said, it's a siphon style airbrush which is why I wouldn't suggest it for much more than priming and base coating unless you have a good system set up so you don't have to hold the model while you are working on it.  I'm so used to the top feed Velocity and being able to use it one handed, this is taking a little getting used to.

Before I give this tool a go or no go, I still need to run some thinned clear coat through it, which will happen on Sunday when I get to clear coat a few models I've finished lately.

So far, though, I really like it for what I'm using it for.

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