Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not a Lot to Report

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days.  I really don't have a whole lot to talk about right now because there's not a lot to report from here.  Things have been pretty quiet and I have a lot of half finished projects on my bench.

I spent night before last priming and base coating some Dark Angels and some Tau for a couple of guys.  I'm pretty happy with the way the Dark Angels turned out.  Now that I've seen the DA flier in person, I'm not impressed.  I really thought it might be a little bit bigger than it is.

Once the guy that owns these Dark Angels hit them with a green wash, they look great.  I did some pre-shading and pre-highlighting on them so with the added wash there is very little to do to the base green.

The Tau were just a basic white prime and a desert yellow color based over it.  I would have liked to have done some more to them but the guy that is painting them is a great painter so he just wanted them basic and he'll handle the rest.  Due to time constraints, I was only able to get 21 Fire Warriors done for him.  The four or five Devilfish chassis will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tonight I got a lot done on the Dark Vengeance Dark Angel Commander and Terminator Sergeant models that I had base coated the other night for another guy.  He's doing a Guardians of the Covenant theme and this is his first army and first foray into miniature painting.  I went ahead and started painting these two models because I thought they were pretty cool looking and it gives me a chance to try some new techniques on them.  I'll post some pics once I'm done with them.

Other than that, I'm really excited now that the Wild West Exodus kickstarter has finished up.  I know that I have to wait for September to get my models but I'm already planning out some paint schemes for the Warrior Nation.  Also, I got an email from the guy at Impudent Mortal yesterday letting me know that my building from his kickstarter would be cut and shipped in the next week or so.  Keep your eyes open for a review of these.

All that said, I'm done with my hiatus from my gaming group, well rested and refreshed and ready to roll some dice.

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