Thursday, March 28, 2013

Actually Getting Stuff Done

Tonight I finished up the Thunderwolf and the base for him as well as the two Guardians of the Covenant models.  I didn't do any basing on the Guardians because I'm not sure what the guy wants so I'll work with him on them later.
I'm really happy with the base on the wolf.


  1. Excellent work over all. But these Guardians are really nice. Your work to learn the NMM techniques are paying off!

  2. Damn Mikey, I think you paint better then me now!

    The Hajj

    1. Pretty sure this is an April Fool, bro... I'm nowhere near as good as you used to be. If you got back into it as much as I am now, you would blow me away.
      But thanks for the compliment.