Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thunderwolf and Arena Rex

Got a lot done on the Thunderwolf last night.  I'm still waiting on the paints for the Wolf Lord that goes with him though.  I'm pretty happy with the results so far.
I'm pretty much done with the wolf at this point and am almost done with the base.  I just need to do the gold highlights on the Thousand Son and a little bit of weathering to it and then do a few additions to the base to finish it all up.

One other thought, I'm very tempted to get into Arena Rex.  I think the models they have previewed look amazing and even if I never play it I would love to paint those models.  The one thing stopping me so far is the cost.  It looks like the models are going to average about $17 each.  If they are all as good as the Aquila sculpt, I'm definitely in but since they only have two models previewed at this point, I'm going to wait to see what else they show up.  With 25 more days to go, I'm hoping they can get a few more sculpts up before the close of the kickstarter.

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