Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seriously, the Dice are Trying to Kill Me

Got in a game yesterday against my arch nemesis, Michael.  I was using a Dark Eldar Venom Spam list (Vect, Incubi (x4), True Born (x4 with 2 dark lances), Warriors (2x5 with 1 blaster each) and Wyches (4x5 with haywire grenades), 8 Venoms (dual splinter cannon) and 2 Razorwings(1 with dark lances and one with disintigrator cannons) against his CSM allied with Daemons 1 land raider, Abaddon, Kharne, Berzerkers, Daemon Prince, Bloodthirster, Bloodletters (2x10), Havocs (2x5 with lascannons) and Cultists (2x20 or so).

Overall I had a solid game plan and the poison with the splinter cannons should have done a lot of damage to his monstrous creatures and between six lance shots I should have been able to take out the land raider.

Nope... the dice hated me.  I did manage to take out the Daemon Prince in the first turn but it too me two more turns of shooting to kill the Bloodthirster due to stupidly bad dice.

Some fun (not so much) things that happened in the game...
4 Wyches assaulted the land raider with haywire grenades.  It moved so I needed 3+ to hit and 2+ to glance... I rolled four 2's to hit.  They died to shooting the next turn.
Vect decided to assault Abaddon (who was alone at that point).  Abaddon overwatched, got one hit and wounded... and I rolled a 1 for my save, negating my shadow field.  The game was lost before that assault, I just thought it would be fun to do... but with that I called it.

In the end of Turn 5, when I conceded, he held 3 objectives, had linebreaker, two points from killing heavies (Razorwings) and had we played it out he would have had Slay the Warlord (total 13 points) to me holding no objectives, first blood, one point for a heavy and linebreaker (total 3 points).  I had six models remaining on the table at the end of the game.

My dice were so bad that tonight I took my 36 count cube of Chessex dice and rolled the hell out of them.  I rolled all 36 dice fifty times and wrote down the totals.  I was actually surprised that they rolled ABOVE AVERAGE for the most part.

19 out of 50 rolls the majority was 1-3
20 out of 50 rolls the majority was 4-6
11 out of 50 rolls were even

On average, when you roll 36 dice 50 times each number should come up 300 times.
1 - 300
2 - 310
3 - 278
4 - 305
5 - 298
6 - 309

I'm actually going to sit down with my other 5 bricks of dice and do the same thing and see my results.

Yes, I am that crazy.

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  1. I think the dice were trying to Kill Ray yesterday as well. I seriously rolled eight 6's on my first ten rolls! I actually felt kind of bad as my Tau tactics aren't exactly "developed". Friggin' Rail Guns are BRUTAL!