Saturday, March 2, 2013

40K Project #4 - Bad Moons Orks

I had tonight off and got a late start painting.  As I said before, I have a Dakka Jet that I wanted to get started on.

I bought this back in July and almost immediately got it built then SHINEY (hobby ADD kicked in).  So I have a ton of Orks back in the States and I want to do them as Bad Moon.  Yellow is such a striking color but I know it's a pain to paint.  This is basically my test model to learn what not to do... and boy did I learn a few things.

First I primed it using Vallejo White Airbrush Primer.  Then I did some pre-shading with Vallejo Black Airbrush Primer and painted the engine, guns and exhaust ports (basically, anything that will be metallic) with the same.
I then used Vallejo Air Yellow.  After the first coat I was concerned that the coverage wasn't going to be what I had hoped for.  I did a second coat and knew I was screwed.  Like I said... this is the model to learn what not to do.  Pics are after second coat of yellow.
This prompted me to have to hit the black areas with white again.  I know that Vallejo Air White doesn't cover black real well so I went ahead and hit it with a light primer coat over the areas that needed it.
Once this was done I shot two more coats of yellow on the areas that were now white then hit the whole model with a third coat of yellow.
That is all for tonight.  I'm going to let this dry overnight then seal it.  When my paint order comes in I'll be giving it a liberal wash with a GW Seraphim Sepia.  After that we'll just have to see how I like the color.

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