Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taking a Much Needed Break

For the last four years I have been running our little wargaming group.  During that time, with the exception of  the twice a year when I'm on vacation I have been showing up every Tuesday and Saturday to set everything up for the games.  These are the only days I have off from work and I look forward to them but I sacrifice a lot to make it every time.

I work night shift, 1830-0630 five days a week (60 hours) so I basically get off work on the morning of my day off, get about three hours of sleep and then go set up and play (or don't play if we have an odd number) and stay up all night since I have to be able to sleep the next day.  It's a real drain on my physically and emotionally but I do it because I love the game and the group.

That said, I've decided that for my sanity and health, I'm taking a few days off from the group.  For the first time I have someone I can count on to run things in my absence who has access to all the stuff.

I'm not taking a a break from the hobby though.  that is going full tilt right now.  I've got a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf that is begging me for paint right now as well as all my ongoing project plus I've got an urge to finally get some paint on my Shaltari Tribes for Dropzone Commander, not that it will ever see the table over here.

Needless to say, I'm busy.  I'll try to get some images up of what I'm working on in the near future.

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