Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And Then There Were Nine

Today was a good day for our club.

First, we got in a large order that we had placed a little over a week ago.  This order got the Dark Vengeance sets to two of our newer members as well as a ton of Space Wolves for another new guy.

Second, I got the second order placed to beef up the armies for the new guys.

Third, we got to play a couple of games today.  We had two games running.  Black Legion CSM beat the crap out of the Dark Angels and the Crimson Fists got smacked around by the Blood Angels.  I only remembered to get a few photos of the Crimson Fist/Blood Angel game and was too busy playing to get any of the other game.

Fourth, the Crimson Fist player was playing his second game ever and is pretty much hooked and looking into getting an army of his own.

This is all great because it means that our little gaming club on a base of 3500 people now has nine players who show up at least once a week, even if they don't get to play all the time.

Also I wanted to give a quick thank you to Faeit 212 for all the traffic that has come my way from his blog.  Hope some of you have liked what you see.

Here are a few quick shots from the game:


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