Sunday, March 3, 2013


In June 2011 I bought my first airbrush.  It was a Master S68 siphon feed brush that came as a kit with a single piston tankless compressor from Amazon for $80.  I planned to use it for a short time to learn how to airbrush.  About a month later I was regretting the decision and sold that set off to a friend at a loss.

Next I bought a Badger Renegade Velocity with a dual piston compressor for $280.

I've been using the Renegade for all my priming, preshading and base coating ever since. If I have any complaint about this airbrush it would be clogging.  It seems that unless I dilutenthe paint to the point that it's mostly thinner and water it seems to clog.  The .21mm tip gives me a nice, fine line for pre shading but it has issues with clogging.

Tonight I broke down after taking an hour to clear coat the Dakka Jet due to constant clogging and I bought a Badger Renegade Rage which is a siphon feed airbrush with a .33mm tip. Hopefully this will help to reduce clogging.

I should have this in hand in about two weeks and as soon as I get it I'll run it through it's paces and give you a review.

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