Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why do people play that way?

Apparently there is a psychological condition that drives some gamers to be cheesy, beardy or even to be rules lawyers.  I really don't understand it.  The worst part is, the people that are like this are usually extremely vocal to the point that it makes it seem that all wargamers play the same way.

I've been listening to certain podcasts that are tournament centered and while some of them are good, others are all about how to exploit the rules to the best of their abilities.  Add on top of that a recent bit of cheese brought up by some beastly Brits where they go through the rules and point out that if you are using Allies of Convenience or Desperate Allies, they can never be scoring units, count as victory points for both you and your opponent (they are both of your enemies after all) and if they are multi assaulted along with one of the units from your primary detachment, after you finish killing off all your opponent's models then you have to continue the battle because "the rules plainly state that you cannot charge your ally but once in combat with them they are enemies".

Asshat gamers like these are the reason many people leave the hobby.

I have a theory about where these people come from and it doesn't only involve being dropped on their heads by unloving mothers.

They were almost all Magic the Gathering players to begin with!

That's right.  I said it.  These asshats started playing Magic many years ago and found every loophole in the rules they could create until Magic, a game that lends itself to very tight rules and lots of high stakes tournaments, tightened it's rules to the point they had little to exploit.  During this time they were all being teased by the miniature gamers and finally decided to buy a cheap, unpainted army off ebay and figure out the easiest way to exploit the myriad problems with miniature wargaming rules.

These people make me want to punch babies!

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