Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally! Progress Has Begun on Models Again!

(Read the title of this post in the style of The Rock doing a wrestling promo)

Hey guys, it seems like it's been forever but I finally got started working on actual models again.  Today I managed to move 14 items (38 models) to the finished column of my Kanban Board.  Not that it was really a lot of work but it's progress, right?

So what got done I hear you asking... well...

I flocked the bases on my Dropzone Commander Shaltari Braves and Firstborn then satin coated them and brushed gloss on their lenses.

I satin coated and painted gloss on the lenses of the following Dropzone Commander models:

Six Shaltari Tomahawk Main Grav Tanks

Six Shaltai Kukri AA Grav Tanks

Two Shaltari Warspear Heavy Fighters

Four Shaltari Yari Light Grav Tanks

Four Shaltari Haven Terragates

I also satin coated the Warsenal Large and Small Containers

Now that I've got things moving along I'm going to try to put a huge dent in my backlog.

Also, I'm trying real hard to make sure I'm updating on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  Bear with me though because things are still kind of hectic around here, especially with the holidays coming up.

See you again on Wednesday.


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