Monday, April 15, 2013

Kickstarter is Stealing Money From Me Again!

First it was Kings of War, Evil Baby Orphanage and Dreadball digging their hands in my pants pocket.  Then came Impudent Mortal, Chibi Dungeon Adventurers and Games and Gear Pro Studio Brushes pulling the greenbacks out.  Finally Wild West Exodus, Zombicide and Arena Rex took their chunk.

So far I've spent, in pledges alone over $2000 on Kickstarter projects in the last year.  Holy Crap!  $2000! And that doesn't even begin to add in the hundreds extra I've added on products associated with the projects.

Now Secret Weapon Miniatures is trying to get their hands on my ever shrinking bill fold with their Tablescapes project.  I can see this one coming close to breaking the proverbial bank if I keep looking at it.

I have to admit, these things look really nice.  The fact that they are 1/4" thick and come in 12"x12" sections makes them much more appealing than the clunky Realm of Battle Boards offered by GW.  With the goal of opening a game store always in mind and knowing that I'm going to need terrain and tables for the store, these would do a great job.

So, if it's all positive, what's holding me back?

Well, thinking that it's going to be at least another year before my uber hawt wife and I make our long awaited return to the states and start working on opening the store and these things shipping in Oct 2013, well, that's a long time for them to be sitting in a hot Arizona storage shed.  I don't think they'll warp or anything, I'm just worried that they will be lonely and I'll really want to ship them over here to paint knowing full well that I don't have the facilities to do so.

Mainly I'm balking because I'm afraid that my uber hawt wife will kill me if I drop another $400-$800 on toys.  She's a wonderful lady but she has her limits and I'm pretty sure I'm close to crossing over them (especially when she reads this post and sees how much I've spent on kickstarters... eep!) (Love you, baby!)

Let me know what you guys think of them and if you have pulled the trigger or, like me, are coming up with (valid) excuses for not getting into it.


  1. uber hawt wife x 2? oh, you are def. getting it!
    You can get the table scapes for the 4x6 ;)

    1. And that, ladies and gentlegeeks, is why I have the hottest and grooviest wife in the whole world (even if she doesn't get into my geeky hobbies).