Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Kickstarters

In a recent post I mentioned Red Republic Games' Arena Rex kickstarter and how I wasn't sure if I was going to get into it or not.  Yeah, I was just kidding myself.  It was guaranteed when I saw these two sculpts.  I'm in.  I really want to paint these models.  The game could be absolutely horrible and I would still be in.

Also, after talking with a buddy of mine, I am going to get into Sails of Glory as well.  I like naval games and love Wings of War / Wings of Glory so this should be a good mix for me.

In other news, I got in the Citadel paints I'm using on the Wolf Lord, just so it matches the rest of his army.  I'm color blind so it's very difficult for me to match paints and since I normally use Reaper paints, I figured I wouldn't be able to make a good match.  Also, he needed the paints for his own models so once I'm done he gets them.  I'm about halfway done with the model and I have to say I had forgotten how much I hate Citadel paints (other than the washes... those are solid gold).  They are so thick and gloopy and hard to thin down to a decent consistency.  I guess I'm spoiled.

Oh... and after talking to Impudent Moral we realized that there was a packing/shipping error on my order and I only received half of what I was supposed to.  That means I have another 18 buildings coming!!!  I may need another footlocker to fit it all.

Also downloaded the Tau Codex for the iPad today and will get some quality alone time with it over the next few days.

Time to sleep.  Tonight I put the Minitaire paints through their paces!

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