Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I found out yesterday that WarGamesCon is taking place June 6-9 in Austin, Tx.  Coincidentally I will be in Austin that same weekend seeing some old friends and doing a little scouting for houses and locations for the future gamer store.
While I'm not a big tournament player, I am interested in showing up for an hour or so and checking things out.  When I checked the site it says I'm going to need a $35 Floor Pass just to get in.  I'm not sure if it's worth it.  While I want to meet some local gamers and the con has many different game systems so it will be worthwhile, is it worth $35 for an hour's time?

I'm pretty torn here.

Also, GW released the new FAQ's today.  A couple of things I found interesting:

  • Vehicles cannot be used to shoot a gun emplacement.  Glad they cleared that up.
  • Allies of Convenience are counted as friendly units for the purpose of pile in moves in close combat
  • Friendly models cannot move through each other.  Duh!  I've argued that for a while
  • Models "removed from play" by things like Jaws are treated as casualties.  Obviously a tournament player asked that one
  • Models with Warlord Traits that are not your chosen Warlord do not get to use those special abilities.  Really?  Who asks these questions?
  • Abaddon is immune to Spawnhood and Dark Apotheosis on the Chaos Boon Table... bummer man
  • Helldrake is still the most broken model in the game (no changes)
  • The Power Field Generator from Dark Angels now doesn't apply to the vehicle the character is in or surrounding vehicles.  There went that list idea.
  • Ravenwing Command Squads can now get two extra models in the squad
  • Standard of Devastation applies to boltguns, twin linked boltguns on bikes, combi bolters (but only the boltgun part and... wait for it... hurricane bolters!
There are a lot of other changes/additions but these specifically caught my eye.  My first thought after reading some of them was "Wow!  GW listens to Beasts of War "Cheese Hunters"."

Oh and be on the lookout for some work on my Sons of Vengeance (Blood Angels) in the very near future.  I think I'm going to paint as much of them as I can before I go on vacation and send them home so I can ship my massive Ork Horde over here to start painting them.  I'm kinda bored with the Blood Angels anyway.


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